Do you have water needs and have an area with frequent fogs?

As a company, and as part of your Corporate Social Responsibility, do you want to reduce the water footprint of your production processes?


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Who are we?

Nieblagua SL is a Canarian company dedicated to the development and implementation of systems for the production of water from mists, taking advantage of the meteorological phenomenon known as "horizontal precipitation".

The capture of water from dynamic fogs is a technique that has been studied for more than 50 years in many parts of the world and is done by placing special meshes on a support structure that retain the tiny droplets of water that form the mists. Obtaining high quality water without energy needs, without generating waste and without affecting the environment in any way. In Nieblagua SL we have developed a device that solves the problems presented by the Flat or Chilean type collectors, the most used worldwide. After several years of research and improvement, we developed and patented the Atmospheric Water Collectors (RAA) (Patent No. P201530042).

The Atmospheric Water Collectors (RAA for spanish), have been designed to collect large volumes of water from the atmosphere by means of resistant structures that allow it to cope with adverse weather conditions of wind of any intensity, offering at the same time a total functional efficiency.

Its design, fruit of an intense study, does not require complicated installation works, it has a high stability and resistance, facing the largest possible receiving surface, occupying the minimum space (only 1.6 m2) collecting more water and reducing to the maximum possible visual impact. Other notable features is its minimal maintenance.

The production of each RAA varies depending on the weather conditions of the area where they will be installed (elevation, winds, fogs and other climatological factors). By experiences of installations carried out in the Canary Islands, an average annual production of between 11,000 and 20,000 liters can be calculated.


International visit

Interested in the environment and thanks to a grant sponsored by LG Electronics, these 4 students from the University of South Korea flew to the island of Tenerife to learn more about the fog collectors and learn more about this innovative method to collect Water.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I use the RAA Mist Collectors?

The RAA can be installed where there are fogs with some regularity and winds.

How is the RAA different from other fog collectors?

The main characteristic of the RAA is its volumetric and multilayer form, which allows to collect much more water than traditional so-called flat or Chilean type collectors.
Its design makes it much more resistant to strong winds, besides it does not depend on the direction of the wind for the collection of water.
Minimum occupation of floor surface: Each RAA occupies only 1.60 m2

What is the water production of each RAA?

Obviously it will depend on the area where they are installed. The personnel of Nieblagua, SL would carry out a preliminary study on the suitability of the installation site.
For example, in the summits of the Canary Islands, each RAA occupying only 1.60 m2 of surface area collects an annual average of 11,000 to 20,000 liters.

What is the quality of the collected water?

The water obtained through the RAA is of exceptional quality. Is a water that does not touch soil, so it does not absorb any mineral from the subsoil. Its low contribution of mineral is obtained from the salt particles that contain the drops that form the clouds / mists.

Can it be considered ecological water?

Yes. No type of energy is used in obtaining water, nor does it generate any waste that affects the environment.

For companies where, due to their processes, they consume a lot of water, can they be used to reduce their water footprint?

Yes. Companies are increasingly aware of their Corporate Social Responsibility. With the investment in installations of fog collectors, even if they are not installed in the same area of ​​water consumption of companies, it would be reverting to nature part of the water consumed by their production processes, either to recover the aquifers or taking advantage of them for reforestations , for example


  • Installation of collectors (RAA) for the municipal water company of La Laguna Teidagua, S.A.

  • Installation of collectors (RAA) on the island of El Hierro for livestock’s water supply.

  • Installation of collectors (RAA) on the island of Gran Canaria for bottling water

  • Installation of collectors (RAA) in Las Mercedes (island of Tenerife) for water supply for agriculture

  • Installation of a collector (RAA) in Santander as a pilot test for the development of a future water garden for supply to Livestock

What can RAA Fog Collectors be used for?

The collectors can be used in isolated areas where there is no water supply or does not exist with sufficient quantity and quality.

The uses that can be given:

  • Agricultural
  • Forestry (Repopulation, supply of fire-fighting tanks)
  • Human consumption. - Supply for current consumption in isolated areas and improvement of the existing water quality, by means of mixtures with fog water.
  • Livestock.- Water supply to livestock in the driest months with water collected with the RAA during the rest of the year


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